Ultimate Palm Oil Sachet Hits The Nigerian Market

After years of product development, Ultimate Palm Oil Sachet has finally been introduced into the Nigerian market. BeingĀ  the first ever palm oil brand to introduce the sachet version of palm oil, Ultimate Palm Oil seeks to extend its reach to the low income earners who for so long have been excluded from enjoying the excellent taste of freshness that Ultimate Palm Oil offers.

Ultimate Palm Oil sachet sells for as low as N50 per sachet, making it super affordable to all classes of consumers irrespective of economic position. The product specifically targets the over 70% of Nigerians who are categorized as middle-to-low income earners.

Speaking at the launch of the product, the Managing Director, U&I Palm Enterprises, makers of Ultimate Palm Oil, Imaobong Ekanem said the introduction of sachet palm oil was born out of the desire to ensure that all Nigerian consumers are able to afford the health friendly oil for their cooking and frying needs.

She also said the Ultimate Palm Oil brand has invested so much to ensure that Nigerians have access to the best possible quality of palm oil and are less vulnerable to consuming adulterated palm oil.

Ultimate Palm Oil sachet according to her is expected to penetrate all the states and localities in Nigeria within the coming months so that gradually, an end will be brought to the era of adulterated palm oil products in Nigeria.

Already, applications are being invited from intending distributors of the palm oil product. A registration portal has been opened for prospective distributors to submit their applications. The link to the portal is here.

Alternatively, intending distributors are advised to contact U&I Palm Enterprises at [email protected] or WhatsApp +2348163052034.